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We have a sickness October 29, 2008

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the normal language in the Collier home

example in a recent IM conversation with my brother about our dog, Nini


Matthew says: I was at a petting farm and saw neeni’s family (I was at a petting zoo and saw what seemed to be our dog’s family)

Matthew says: a pig a donkey and a cow (Because, as we know, she acts like and we call her a pig, a donkey and a cow, so when I saw them, I thought it would be funny to call them her family)

Mrs. Wade says: CHU DID?! (You did?!)

Matthew says: cha (yes)

Mrs. Wade says: da ish reel pesh (That is really special)

Matthew says: dea wer chubby (They were chubby)

Mrs. Wade says: ooo CHA (oh yes, that is true)

Matthew says: we tuk pichures fer nini (We took pictures for our dog to look at when we got home)

Mrs. Wade says: did i tell u about seeing ALLLL shnini’s bruvers and sisters? (Did I tell you about seeing all of our dog’s brothers and sisters, like with the pig, donkey and cow, they are not her real brothers and sisters, rather, animals that look like her)

Matthew says: cha (yes)

Mrs. Wade says: six of dem (six of them)

Matthew says: wait (wait)

Matthew says: no (no)

Matthew says: chu did not (you did not)

Mrs. Wade says: except, de were not real extra double pesh, cuz de were da black kind of ninis (except, they were not really extra double special because they had black spots)

Mrs. Wade says: and wiver is a better one for ninis (and the liver colored spots look better, like the spots on our dog)

Matthew says: dat is sad (that is sad)


no time to blog! October 27, 2008

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AHG! ok, so I’ve been wanting to post SO many things on here.  I want to talk about parenting and God’s amazing plan and why no one follows it, and how excited I am about my new camera and the fall leaves, my fun weekend home and testing out my photography skills, how excited I am to see Cherise and for Nov 13th to get here!  I have an insane week this week and the week after, then not so bad the week after that.  I will post one picture of Madi from this weekend right now and then talk about all the other stuff later.  So much to say!

my favorite from this weekend (from the digital)

my favorite from this weekend (from the digital)


the baby bug October 14, 2008

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yep, I have it.  It’s probably not as bad now as it will be in a year or two, or three…

It doesn’t help that everyone around me has babies (and when I say everyone I really mean 3, and by around me I mean at least 200 miles away).

So today I started looking at nurseries for Jake and I’s future baby.  I mostly just looked at pottery barn kids, but this is what I found 🙂

Our little future Daphne is my inspiration

My FAV nursery

I LOVE the bedding, the crib and the rug, and I love these lamps as well (green shade)





I love the curtains and wall color in this one





I love the flower design on the wall and the chandelier in this one 











This is one I might do for baby girl number two (If I’m so lucky)  It’s super cute but I’m kind of set on pink and green for Daphne











This is the nursery for little Jakey Jr. I LOVE the monkeys and the colors and everything, SO cute!







  Anyway, I am having a ton of fun thinking about babies and looking at baby names…looking forward to about three years from now 🙂


happy new living room! October 12, 2008

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I was looking on craigslist on friday night and found a papasan chair, looking like it was in perfect condition for 20$.  I freaked out and emailed right away, said I could come pick it up whenever she wanted us to.  I got an email back the next day and it was still available! WOOHOO!  So my loving husband drove for an hour or so to go pick it up on saturday.  It is so comfy and our living room is so much nicer now.  It is a place I actually want to be, a place where I now just sit and look at it because it is so much better!  


why I started my blog October 9, 2008

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quite simply, I don’t know what I believe.  I think I know what I believe, and there are fundamental things I believe are true…but I really couldn’t tell you what I believe.  Without going into that, that is reason number one for blogging.  Number two, I love being a wife.  I am discovering all sorts of new things to cook, things to make and ways to take care of my husband and build our home into Engedi.  I guess as blogs are…I just needed a place to express myself and share my ideas and thoughts.


there’s my explanation Jake 🙂 hehe


Craigslist October 6, 2008

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I am obsessed. I check it every day like I would check my facebook or email.  It gets somewhat depressing when you find the best item EVER and then, you don’t have the money on hand instantly, or, you don’t have a truck to haul that amazing lawyers desk, or microfiber chair and ottoman.  I am always checking the furniture section, sometimes house wears.  I also love to look at the free kittens and puppies in the pets section 🙂

I also love to look at the real estate for sale section in Seattle CL.  I love dreaming out the home I will buy, where I could live, what it could look like.  All that.

I am currently on a search for the perfect papasan chair.  I am also looking for a queen sized headboard, just a plain, flat, square one.  I really want to upholster it for Jake and I’s room.I love this one, it’s for sale right now for $50, but Jake thinks it might be too small.  I’ll keep hunting.

Craigslist also traps me in looking for baby girl clothes.  I love to shop for my god-daughter, Madison.

I think that everyone should craigslist, really truly.  If everyone basically shared what they had, traded around furniture, clothes, housewears, we would infrequently have the need to buy new things.  If I had the money on hand, and the transportation, I could put together a quite sophisticated and expensive looking apartment for significantly less than I could if I had bought all new.  If people buy from craigslist, it saves items from the landfill, it save’s people money, and it gives money to individuals and families instead of big giant businesses.


My home

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So, I’m kind of ridiculous and havn’t been able to sleep at night sometimes because I have been thinking of how I would do this.  I received display squares as a wedding gift and have been excited to put them up, but not sure what to put in/on them and nervous about making them look good, until today.  This weekend Jake and I went to a 5$ per bag sale at a closing thrift store.  We got a few good things and many of them are displayed on my newly-put-up squares. 🙂 Things I found at the thrift store, the folgers can, the pear, the apple, the green vase and the pear bundle, for a total of $2.10, the vase with sand from Jamaica in it cost me .50c  the W was purchased with a gift card from the wedding (along with other things) and the poppies I bought at Michaels for way too much, I think around 3$ each.  I also love my Mexican vanilla bottle, AND I think it’s authentically Mexican…

I love being thrifty, I put this together for less than $15!  I wish so badly I could paint these white walls, but good things come to those who wait, I am waiting for the day Jake and I buy a house, then I can do whatever I want! 🙂

more exciting home details to come 🙂