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Oh, Christmas Treeeee! December 4, 2008

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Jake and I went and chopped down our first Christmas tree last sunday!  It was Jakes first ever time chopping a Christmas tree down and he did a fantastic job!  He’s a regular lumberjack 😉 We spent some time shopping around the Christmas shop there at Sleighbells (where we chopped down the tree) and got our first tree topper! 🙂  It’s a very pretty gold star, we love it.  We had pot roast for dinner and drank egg nog and listened to Christmas music while we decorated.  It was a lovely Christmas date 🙂 

Here’s the final product! Tada!

img_2399Jake and I also get each other an ornament every year.  I had already gotten Jakes but he got mine when we picked out the tree.  We haven’t exchanged them yet (he says we have to wait for something….not quite sure what…)  We’re going to do that on Christmas eve.  I took some of my ornaments from my moms house, baby’s first christmas and ones people had made for me and this weekend I get all my ornaments from my dads house.  They got me an ornament every year.  It’s really cool because our ornaments actually mean something and aren’t just all balls.  I am really sentimental about ornaments, I get that from my mom 🙂  I can’t wait to high-jack some of Jakes ornaments from his parents!  Now all we need is a tree skirt, I’m going to make one because I cannot find one I like for less than $80!!  I also get to make Jake’s family stocking this year 🙂  Our family all has the same style of stocking, mine was made by my Rammie and my aunt’s family has them, my family has them, all the pets have them and now Jake gets one 🙂  I’ll post pictures of that later! 😀  

I am so very excited for our first Christmas together and for Christmas break!  More pictures of my Christmas break creations to come!