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Dining Room April 3, 2009

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When I’m stressed, or just daydreaming, my mind always goes to interior design, specifically in my own house.  A couple weeks ago I went on a field trip with Interior Design II to find inspiration for our project this semester, the lobby of a dorm on campus.  It was SO hard for me to pay attention to what would work in the Penn Lobby and not just focus on what I wanted in my own home!  We went to a hotel called The Nines in Portland, and it was gorgeous!  I was super inspired by one of their dining areas!  Here are a few pics before I go on:




I at first fell CRAZY in love with the canning jars sitting on re-claimed wood shelves along the wall.  I loved the variety of colors, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, grey.  I have never considered myself to be a big purple fan…actually…I’ve never liked purple, but I LOVED this purple!  I loved it combined with all the other colors.  I also loved all the textures!  This dinning area was super elegant yet still very cozy!

I want to do something similar to this in my dinning room.  I would like to only have one wall of reclaimed wood shelves (built by my loving husband 🙂 ) that not only serves as decoration, but serves as storage!  I plan on canning a lot this summer (which I’m sure I’ll blog about a little later) so this is not only gorgeous but functional!

My dining table at the time was strictly green and yellow, just like my kitchen, a “happy fruit” theme of lemons, limes, pears and apples.  So, it didn’t quite fit the new look I’m trying to go for, however my dishes were already perfect for this theme.  I love my dishes, they are perfect for every-day use and elegant enough for special occasions!  At Fred Meyer I found, on super sale, some great eggplant and cream, chunky plaid place mats and napkins.  I got 4 of each for around $10 total and saved more than I spent!  The place-mats have one purple square that has the texture of a dish cloth, kind of waffle-y.  I love that it mixes things up a bit.  I already had yellow napkins and they also go perfectly with my purple place-mats.  I have dark, olive green glasses, another of the many colors I found in the dinning room at The Nines.  When Jake and I were in California, visiting his grandparents, we went garage sale-ing and there I found 4 super cute purple bottles, and 6 amazing vintage, orange, glass plates.

Today I set them all up, and LOVED the result!  All I need to do now, is can away and get Jake to make me some shelves when we move into our new apartment!  Maybe work on getting a different dinning set as well…


Daffodils that Jake picked for me, from the side of the road, on our 4 year dating anniversary 🙂




I found this at a lighting store on our Portland field trip and thought it would go really well with the rest of the design for the dinning room.  Of course it is thousands of dollars, but I still really liked the amber and the frosted glass.


That’s all for now 🙂 but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to show later!


Thanks Esther B. March 1, 2009

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In sewing class Junior year we had a box full of old (starting in the early 1960s) sewing patterns that we could take if we wanted, to make vintage clothing.  The old ladies across the street at Friendsview Retirement Home often donate their old patterns to George Fox because they can no longer sew (Esther B. had written her name on one of the patterns, thanks Esther!)  I saw them and fell in love with the old drawings of the girls and the dresses on the front.  I think someday it would be fun to make one of the dresses, but I mostly just wanted the covers of the patterns to frame and put in my craft room/office/guest room.  I had forgotten about the patterns, they were sitting in my infrequently opened sewing drawer, until a friend needed me to take her measurements and I went searching for my tape measurer.  I found the patterns and got inspired all over again!  I went to Goodwill yesterday and got three frames for the patterns.  Now they’re ready to hang up right above my sewing machine in the crafty part of the room!  And it all only cost me $4.00!  Aren’t they great?!

img_3007From left to right: 1972, 1969 and 1967



My 1st Chair! January 12, 2009

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img_2717 img_2719 
img_2718 <– the processimg_2721

so, it’s not as good as I would have liked it to be, it is a little looser on the left side than the right.  But hey, it’s my first chair and I’m not going to let myself be upset that it’s not perfect.  It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, but I think after doing a few it will be much easier.  

I’m excited for the next one!  (who knows how long that will be though…)


Oh, Christmas Treeeee! December 4, 2008

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Jake and I went and chopped down our first Christmas tree last sunday!  It was Jakes first ever time chopping a Christmas tree down and he did a fantastic job!  He’s a regular lumberjack 😉 We spent some time shopping around the Christmas shop there at Sleighbells (where we chopped down the tree) and got our first tree topper! 🙂  It’s a very pretty gold star, we love it.  We had pot roast for dinner and drank egg nog and listened to Christmas music while we decorated.  It was a lovely Christmas date 🙂 

Here’s the final product! Tada!

img_2399Jake and I also get each other an ornament every year.  I had already gotten Jakes but he got mine when we picked out the tree.  We haven’t exchanged them yet (he says we have to wait for something….not quite sure what…)  We’re going to do that on Christmas eve.  I took some of my ornaments from my moms house, baby’s first christmas and ones people had made for me and this weekend I get all my ornaments from my dads house.  They got me an ornament every year.  It’s really cool because our ornaments actually mean something and aren’t just all balls.  I am really sentimental about ornaments, I get that from my mom 🙂  I can’t wait to high-jack some of Jakes ornaments from his parents!  Now all we need is a tree skirt, I’m going to make one because I cannot find one I like for less than $80!!  I also get to make Jake’s family stocking this year 🙂  Our family all has the same style of stocking, mine was made by my Rammie and my aunt’s family has them, my family has them, all the pets have them and now Jake gets one 🙂  I’ll post pictures of that later! 😀  

I am so very excited for our first Christmas together and for Christmas break!  More pictures of my Christmas break creations to come!


REUPHOLSTER! November 25, 2008

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So I have been literally going crazy lately with nowhere for my creativity to go except into cooking, which is fun, but just not enough of an outlet for me!

I have been really wanting to learn how to reupholster so I have been searching craigslist for wooden chairs that have a padded seat or back (I don’t think I’m ready to reupholster anything bigger than that yet).  It has been kind of discouraging because I haven’t found anything for a long time.  But today and yesterday I found these!

1f512c1453mc3p73ld8boaf5fa482ff1614b0 12b13a1493kc3m63l68bodedd483a82b91a1d

I still need to pick them up but I am SO excited to do these!  Now I need to go pick our paint and fabric!  Then, I need to find someone who wants to buy them!  haha, I can’t very well have tons of crazy cool chairs around the house…or maybe I could?  

I’ll post pictures when they’re done and probably as they progress as well 😀 yay!


to do: Christmas break November 13, 2008

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This Christmas break is going to be the best one yet!  I get to be a stay-at-home-wifey!  Things I am going to do with all my free time!



  • Paint the bookshelf that we’re bringing home next weekend
  • Drill holes in the back of the TV stand so our cords aren’t messy
  • Paint our TV stand, black on the outside and some fun color on the inside
  • Finish my T-shirt quilt
  • Make new pillows for our couch
  • Put together and print online honeymoon scrapbook
  • Bake like CRAZY!

the baby bug October 14, 2008

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yep, I have it.  It’s probably not as bad now as it will be in a year or two, or three…

It doesn’t help that everyone around me has babies (and when I say everyone I really mean 3, and by around me I mean at least 200 miles away).

So today I started looking at nurseries for Jake and I’s future baby.  I mostly just looked at pottery barn kids, but this is what I found 🙂

Our little future Daphne is my inspiration

My FAV nursery

I LOVE the bedding, the crib and the rug, and I love these lamps as well (green shade)





I love the curtains and wall color in this one





I love the flower design on the wall and the chandelier in this one 











This is one I might do for baby girl number two (If I’m so lucky)  It’s super cute but I’m kind of set on pink and green for Daphne











This is the nursery for little Jakey Jr. I LOVE the monkeys and the colors and everything, SO cute!







  Anyway, I am having a ton of fun thinking about babies and looking at baby names…looking forward to about three years from now 🙂