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the baby bug October 14, 2008

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yep, I have it.  It’s probably not as bad now as it will be in a year or two, or three…

It doesn’t help that everyone around me has babies (and when I say everyone I really mean 3, and by around me I mean at least 200 miles away).

So today I started looking at nurseries for Jake and I’s future baby.  I mostly just looked at pottery barn kids, but this is what I found 🙂

Our little future Daphne is my inspiration

My FAV nursery

I LOVE the bedding, the crib and the rug, and I love these lamps as well (green shade)





I love the curtains and wall color in this one





I love the flower design on the wall and the chandelier in this one 











This is one I might do for baby girl number two (If I’m so lucky)  It’s super cute but I’m kind of set on pink and green for Daphne











This is the nursery for little Jakey Jr. I LOVE the monkeys and the colors and everything, SO cute!







  Anyway, I am having a ton of fun thinking about babies and looking at baby names…looking forward to about three years from now 🙂


3 Responses to “the baby bug”

  1. leahrupp Says:

    cute! me too, me too 🙂 sorry, all our baby pictures are helping out any 🙂 hee, hee.

  2. mrswade Says:

    Ya that’s right! The pictures are NOT helping 🙂 haha, I keep looking at them on your blog, SOOO cute! How many kids do you and Bryan want? Have any names picked out?

  3. leahrupp Says:

    I think two or three…and I like Sophia or Asha…but if I have a boy first, I’m out of luck because I don’t have any names picked out for him 🙂

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