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We have a sickness October 29, 2008

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the normal language in the Collier home

example in a recent IM conversation with my brother about our dog, Nini


Matthew says: I was at a petting farm and saw neeni’s family (I was at a petting zoo and saw what seemed to be our dog’s family)

Matthew says: a pig a donkey and a cow (Because, as we know, she acts like and we call her a pig, a donkey and a cow, so when I saw them, I thought it would be funny to call them her family)

Mrs. Wade says: CHU DID?! (You did?!)

Matthew says: cha (yes)

Mrs. Wade says: da ish reel pesh (That is really special)

Matthew says: dea wer chubby (They were chubby)

Mrs. Wade says: ooo CHA (oh yes, that is true)

Matthew says: we tuk pichures fer nini (We took pictures for our dog to look at when we got home)

Mrs. Wade says: did i tell u about seeing ALLLL shnini’s bruvers and sisters? (Did I tell you about seeing all of our dog’s brothers and sisters, like with the pig, donkey and cow, they are not her real brothers and sisters, rather, animals that look like her)

Matthew says: cha (yes)

Mrs. Wade says: six of dem (six of them)

Matthew says: wait (wait)

Matthew says: no (no)

Matthew says: chu did not (you did not)

Mrs. Wade says: except, de were not real extra double pesh, cuz de were da black kind of ninis (except, they were not really extra double special because they had black spots)

Mrs. Wade says: and wiver is a better one for ninis (and the liver colored spots look better, like the spots on our dog)

Matthew says: dat is sad (that is sad)


3 Responses to “We have a sickness”

  1. leahrupp Says:

    HA! cute, I love it 🙂

  2. Laura W Says:

    I believe it.

  3. Amanda Says:

    haha that sounds familiar. i actually understood most of it without your interpretations but im glad you put them there for the un-mish-educated people.. anyways dear i miss you like crazy and love hearing about your wonderful life! im so glad you are so happy! i love you!

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