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Craigslist October 6, 2008

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I am obsessed. I check it every day like I would check my facebook or email.  It gets somewhat depressing when you find the best item EVER and then, you don’t have the money on hand instantly, or, you don’t have a truck to haul that amazing lawyers desk, or microfiber chair and ottoman.  I am always checking the furniture section, sometimes house wears.  I also love to look at the free kittens and puppies in the pets section 🙂

I also love to look at the real estate for sale section in Seattle CL.  I love dreaming out the home I will buy, where I could live, what it could look like.  All that.

I am currently on a search for the perfect papasan chair.  I am also looking for a queen sized headboard, just a plain, flat, square one.  I really want to upholster it for Jake and I’s room.I love this one, it’s for sale right now for $50, but Jake thinks it might be too small.  I’ll keep hunting.

Craigslist also traps me in looking for baby girl clothes.  I love to shop for my god-daughter, Madison.

I think that everyone should craigslist, really truly.  If everyone basically shared what they had, traded around furniture, clothes, housewears, we would infrequently have the need to buy new things.  If I had the money on hand, and the transportation, I could put together a quite sophisticated and expensive looking apartment for significantly less than I could if I had bought all new.  If people buy from craigslist, it saves items from the landfill, it save’s people money, and it gives money to individuals and families instead of big giant businesses.


One Response to “Craigslist”

  1. Casey H. Says:

    I love how this sounds like something I would have written… except much more eloquent. You’re my frugal heroine. 🙂

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