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Spring Break March 31, 2009

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The story:

It was overall amazing, with some points, definitely better than others. 

We came home Thursday night, Jake worked Friday and I hung out with my Mommy.  Saturday was not a fun day, it started out ok when we went to visit Liz and Jason.  Saturday is when the trouble with “Crazy Pat” started.  Jake sold a car to this crazy guy, and there was an issue getting the title to him, Pat got all crazy and controlling and started threatening and yelling at Jake.  Long story short, we filed a police report, and sent the title in the mail to the police in the town he lived in.  Because we had to wait until Monday to mail the title, Jake had to emotionally and mentally be kind of tortured with worry all of Sunday and Monday, until the police told us they had delivered the title on Tuesday afternoon.  Tuesday was the day we left for Newberg, so unfortunately, the majority of our time at home was very stressful, especially for Jake.  It was fun to hang out with the fam though.  I went through a bunch of old children’s books with my mom and was able reminisce about childhood a little bit and also find some good books to give to Madi, my cousins, and Owen, we donated some and also sold a few so I could buy Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover (a very good book so far, I highly recommend it).  We got to go to Mars Hill (sooo excited to get back permanently!)  We hung out with the Golubs a bit and got to finger-paint with the most adorable little girl ever 🙂 !  On the way home we stopped off at New Horizons ministries, a ministry for homeless youth in Seattle.  I took pictures for them for my final “Serve Project” in Photography class.  I thought I ruined the film, but by the grace of God some of them turned out!  We stopped by Liz and Jason’s again on the way out to give Madi more books, and then we were on the road again, down to Newberg to stay the night, pack for Cali and be off again in the morning!

We ended up leaving about an hour after we planned, which isn’t that bad considering Jake was feeling kind of sick.  😦  The drive was longer than we had thought, we thought it would only take us 6 hours but it took us 7.  We stopped for lunch on the way down and got to Grandma’s around 3:30 or so.  We hung out that evening, talked, ate a delicious dinner and watched some TV.  The next day we slept in, had some breakfast and chatted with Grandma and Grandpa.    Jake and I headed to the store then when we came back Grandma took us to go visit some other family, Cindy and Curtis.  Later that day, Aunt Donna and Uncle Al came over to visit for a bit, we had some dinner and then Jake and I went on a date. 🙂  We went shopping at the outlets, had some ice cream and then went to a movie.  We say Knowing which I do not recommend.  I thought it would be interesting, at first it was really intense, then it got really scary (Jake and I don’t do scary movies) and then it got really stupid with aliens! Haha, don’t watch it.  The next morning we woke up early to take Grandma and Grandpa’s Kia to the shop to get something fixed.  We went out to breakfast afterward and then to the Sundial Bridge.  That was really fun.  When we got back from the bridge we went garage sale-ing!  I will do a whole separate post for that. 🙂  Then that evening we went to play mini-golf and then to In-n-Out Burger on our last night there.  The next morning Grandma made us biscuits and gravy (my favorite!) and then at 9:30 we headed home.  It was another long drive, but that night I got to see all the girls from Riley House and hang out with Mac and Mikaela when they stayed at our place that night.

It was overall a very good spring break.  Now it’s only one month to trudge through until graduation! Woo!


no time to blog! October 27, 2008

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AHG! ok, so I’ve been wanting to post SO many things on here.  I want to talk about parenting and God’s amazing plan and why no one follows it, and how excited I am about my new camera and the fall leaves, my fun weekend home and testing out my photography skills, how excited I am to see Cherise and for Nov 13th to get here!  I have an insane week this week and the week after, then not so bad the week after that.  I will post one picture of Madi from this weekend right now and then talk about all the other stuff later.  So much to say!

my favorite from this weekend (from the digital)

my favorite from this weekend (from the digital)