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6 inches January 31, 2009

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I threw my first pot on Tuesday!  The goal of your first cylinder is to pull it up to 6 inches.  I reached 6 inches and then some!  It was exciting, but then my teacher yelled “curve breaker” in kind of a sing-songy way (slightly embarrassing).  Then he came over to me, had the whole class gather round and yell a warrior cry as he “initiated” me into the sisterhood of throwing warrior princesses by wiping clay on my face.  I was kind of shocked because I didn’t know this was going to happen, but at the same time felt really proud of myself for being the first one to get there. 🙂  One of my fears was to not be good at pottery at all, this really helped.  I’ve only thrown twice since then because I’ve been working on my hand built assignments.  I made a 10″ coil pot, it’s a cute little pitcher (decorative only).  It’s definitely not the prettiest thing ever, but it’s not ugly.  If no one else does, my mom will like it.  🙂  I now loooove throwing, especially after getting my clay centered all by myself a couple times.  I have yet to keep something I made, I always end up squashing them because they are not quite right.  I did think of a few things that I want to make for around the house, smaller things, so I’ll work on that for now 🙂


My Pottery Warrior Princess face paint

My Pottery Warrior Princess face paint


Things that currently make me happy January 21, 2009

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Jake and I just paid off our Amex card that we used for the wedding, total payment was $3,103.98 and now it’s gone 🙂 YAY!  Next to go is Sallie Mae, we’re kickin her out of the spare room as Dave Ramsey says.  After that is our loan from my mom for our honeymoon.  Then all we have to do is pay off my student loans which will hopefully take less than a year if I’m making more than minimum wage once I graduate 🙂

I am growing basil in three little pots on my kitchen table.  I had them in the windowsill, which was much cuter, but apparently they didn’t like the cold and started to mold. 😦  I am quite excited to use them for future pesto excitingness 🙂  

We are going home this weekend and I get to see my mommy.  I am very excited to spend saturday with her. 🙂 We are going to the DMV to get our licenses renewed (fun I know), I am FINALLY changing my name on my license!  This isn’t set in stone but then I think we’ll go look at the apartments I want to move into in May and go get some pots for my other herbs and a book on how to actually take care of them.  Poor herbs.  We’re also going to go over a friends budget with them so they know how much they can afford in rent and finally get their own place 🙂 yay them!  It’s very exciting to see what God is doing in their lives.

I got a new car, that’s exciting.  I like it a lot.  I need new seats, the drivers side is ripped and the passenger is getting there.  The outside is really scratched up, but you can only tell up close and I have one odd-ball rim.  haha, it really is funny, 3 of them match, one doesn’t.  But it’s me, and I like quirky, and she’s quirky.  Her name is Ginger and she is very zippy.  She has a vtec, that’s exciting 🙂  All my other cars have been slow.  AND she’s a manual so I am ACTUALLY driving again stead of just pressing the “go button.”

I’m taking pottery and photography this semester.  I am SO excited to make people’s Christmas and birthday presents.  I am nervous about sucking at both and for my first photography project I took a roll of film that ended up not even “rolling.”  So, I took no pictures and have to go back and do it all again.  Taking the roll that didn’t work was fun though, Jake and I had fun walking all over Newberg picking cool things to take pictures of.  If I end up with any cool photos or pots I’ll take pictures/scan them and upload them to the bloggy.

That’s pretty much it for now.  I just needed to focus on happy for a bit because I am SO NOT motivated for this semester and have bad bad bad senioritis.