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Wifey Book February 25, 2009

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Wade Home Management Notebook

I was reading one of my favorite blogs (Simple Mom) and came across the idea of a home-management notebook.  A home-management notebook is basically a place to keep your brain.  I feel like I have so many ideas and lists and to-do’s, etc, etc, that I probably lose some of them and most definitely lose time to think of other things.  The notebook contains different tabs for different information each with 2 clear page-protecter sheets, lists/current info I want to keep in those sections and blank pages to write on.  In mine there will be:

  • In the front pocket I have a mini “daily docket” (another great tool from Simple Mom).  You can read more about it on her page but it is a great way to really organize your to-do’s.  Today is the first day I’m doing it, so we’ll see how it goes, I think it will help. 🙂
  • money/finances tab: I will keep a simple form (standard expenses) of our monthly budget, a sheet laying out our financial goals, a debt pay-off tracker, tips and tricks for saving money and reasons why I want to be a “gazelle” to help me stay motivated to save.
  • Important Info tab: The address book from our wedding along with room to add new addresses/phone numbers and a sheet that contains online account info and phone numbers of providers (cable, electric, etc.).  And don’t worry, I am aware of identity theft, if I thought having a sheet with this info was a bad plan, I would definitely not be putting it together, we also will not be filling everything on the sheet out.  (I did see a sheet that had SSN #s, bank account #s, passwords, PIN #s…we opted to keep that info in our heads :).)  I might also be putting in flyers or business cards of people we want to get in touch with at a later date.
  • Food tab:  Jake and I plan on making a “Top 50” list so that we can really track sales and who has the best price on the items we buy the most, that list will be here.  I also made a page of “food notes, ideas, thoughts” where I will write down things I learn, good brands, ideas for meals, parties, etc.  Today I learned about the “Dirty Dozen of Produce” which are produce that are worth buying organic.  They are Peaches, Apples, Sweet bell peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Pears, Grapes (imported), Spinach, Lettuce and Potatoes.  I also learned about Horizon vs. Organic Valley dairy, all of which I put in my notes page.  I will also have plenty of blank paper (maybe even recipe cards!) to write down recipes that I find if I don’t have my recipe book handy.
  • Keeping the House tab:  I am always thinking of things to do for my house, ideas for storage or curtains or wall hangings or larger ideas on how to put together a whole room.  I also see things in magazines that give me inspiration for my own home.  In this tab I will have some cleaning check lists and a sheet of paper or two for each room in my home and a sheet of paper or two for the whole house.  I will used these sheets to write projects on, such as: Bedroom – Make curtains, buy curtain rod, find night stand, find lamps; or Living Room – paint TV stand, buy pillow forms and cover them.  I will also be able to cut out those inspirational pictures and place them in here.
  • Gifts/Holiday tab: I LOVE giving and Jake and I have gotten pretty good at budgeting for gifts.  We have sinking funds (thanks to Dave Ramsey) for Christmas and also for all the money we’ll need to buy birthday and mothers/fathers day gifts, as well as Christmas and gifts for each other (birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines day).  I have a Christmas budgeting sheet here (which you can find on simple mom’s download page), and a gift log/ideas sheet (which I made, if you’re interested email me and I can send it to you).  I will probably keep any party ideas I find and other things like that in this tab as well.

I haven’t put everything together  yet, so I will probably come up with more tabs or things to add into existing tabs as I go.  To find out more about Home Management Notebooks or the categories you might like to have in yours, click here.  Give me your thoughts, is there anything you would have in your notebook that I haven’t listed?  Many people have a section for babysitter info and kids schedules, since that isn’t a part of my life right now, I don’t have a tab for it.  Also, some have calendars in theirs,  I have a calendar in my day-planner that I keep in my purse that I used because it’s more accessible.  I am considering just adding a small calendar in the gifts/holidays tab to note where birthdays and holidays are, but that’s in my day planner so I’m not sure if it’s really necessary.  

Well here I go, off to class then back home to keep working on my notebook! Yay!