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PUPPY! June 23, 2009

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Introducing Maeberry Blossom!  


We had been looking for a puppy for a little while with no luck.  We were looking for a lab/golden retriever mix specifically.  This mix was the same as my first dog, “Kitty.”  She was the best dog ever and because Jake hadn’t had a good experience with the only family dog he’d ever had, we wanted the same mix.  Labs and Retrievers are such good dogs, very people pleasing and loyal.

I had been on craigslist every day looking for puppies with no luck.  I suddenly got the idea to look at the Seattle Times online classifieds.  And then, there she was, on the first page in the pets section!  “1/2 Golden Retriever 1/2 Lab Pups”  “Wonderful gentle, low-key pups looking for forever homes. 2 Males, 3 Females. 3 are chocolate, 2 are black.”   I called the lady on wednesday and asked to come see the puppies friday.  She said call back friday to see if there are any left because many had called on the puppies.  I knew we had to see them that day, Jake and I decided to go see the pups that same day before community group. 

We met the Kelly (Mae’s foster mom) in the small town of Hobart and drove out into the sticks to see the puppies.  When we got there, Maeberry and her sister ran over to greet us, happy and full of life, ready to play!  Her sister was black and smaller, both were super cute.  Mae was a little less hyper and wanted to hang out with us more than her sister and we were both drawn to her.

Her parents were rescues (along with another female).  When Kelly rescued the dogs from a “lab breeder,” Mae’s mom (the only golden the breeders had) and her dad were incredibly skinny.  Kelly took all three dogs to get fixed but they wouldn’t spay Mae’s mom because she was so skinny.  They told Kelly to nurse her back to health and then they would spay her.  As she started gaining her weight back, she kept gaining and gaining, come to find out, she was already pregnant.  The other female’s foot had been ran over by the breeders with a car and had not been treated.  When we got there she had lost her entire front leg due to infection.


Mae has been such a sweet puppy, she is fun and playful, very smart and has such a loving disposition.  We love her so much 🙂  God has blessed us so much with her!  Thank you Jesus 🙂