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Dining Room April 3, 2009

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When I’m stressed, or just daydreaming, my mind always goes to interior design, specifically in my own house.  A couple weeks ago I went on a field trip with Interior Design II to find inspiration for our project this semester, the lobby of a dorm on campus.  It was SO hard for me to pay attention to what would work in the Penn Lobby and not just focus on what I wanted in my own home!  We went to a hotel called The Nines in Portland, and it was gorgeous!  I was super inspired by one of their dining areas!  Here are a few pics before I go on:




I at first fell CRAZY in love with the canning jars sitting on re-claimed wood shelves along the wall.  I loved the variety of colors, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, grey.  I have never considered myself to be a big purple fan…actually…I’ve never liked purple, but I LOVED this purple!  I loved it combined with all the other colors.  I also loved all the textures!  This dinning area was super elegant yet still very cozy!

I want to do something similar to this in my dinning room.  I would like to only have one wall of reclaimed wood shelves (built by my loving husband 🙂 ) that not only serves as decoration, but serves as storage!  I plan on canning a lot this summer (which I’m sure I’ll blog about a little later) so this is not only gorgeous but functional!

My dining table at the time was strictly green and yellow, just like my kitchen, a “happy fruit” theme of lemons, limes, pears and apples.  So, it didn’t quite fit the new look I’m trying to go for, however my dishes were already perfect for this theme.  I love my dishes, they are perfect for every-day use and elegant enough for special occasions!  At Fred Meyer I found, on super sale, some great eggplant and cream, chunky plaid place mats and napkins.  I got 4 of each for around $10 total and saved more than I spent!  The place-mats have one purple square that has the texture of a dish cloth, kind of waffle-y.  I love that it mixes things up a bit.  I already had yellow napkins and they also go perfectly with my purple place-mats.  I have dark, olive green glasses, another of the many colors I found in the dinning room at The Nines.  When Jake and I were in California, visiting his grandparents, we went garage sale-ing and there I found 4 super cute purple bottles, and 6 amazing vintage, orange, glass plates.

Today I set them all up, and LOVED the result!  All I need to do now, is can away and get Jake to make me some shelves when we move into our new apartment!  Maybe work on getting a different dinning set as well…


Daffodils that Jake picked for me, from the side of the road, on our 4 year dating anniversary 🙂




I found this at a lighting store on our Portland field trip and thought it would go really well with the rest of the design for the dinning room.  Of course it is thousands of dollars, but I still really liked the amber and the frosted glass.


That’s all for now 🙂 but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to show later!


Thanks Esther B. March 1, 2009

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In sewing class Junior year we had a box full of old (starting in the early 1960s) sewing patterns that we could take if we wanted, to make vintage clothing.  The old ladies across the street at Friendsview Retirement Home often donate their old patterns to George Fox because they can no longer sew (Esther B. had written her name on one of the patterns, thanks Esther!)  I saw them and fell in love with the old drawings of the girls and the dresses on the front.  I think someday it would be fun to make one of the dresses, but I mostly just wanted the covers of the patterns to frame and put in my craft room/office/guest room.  I had forgotten about the patterns, they were sitting in my infrequently opened sewing drawer, until a friend needed me to take her measurements and I went searching for my tape measurer.  I found the patterns and got inspired all over again!  I went to Goodwill yesterday and got three frames for the patterns.  Now they’re ready to hang up right above my sewing machine in the crafty part of the room!  And it all only cost me $4.00!  Aren’t they great?!

img_3007From left to right: 1972, 1969 and 1967



the nothing-new kick February 4, 2009

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So, this semester I have been thinking about many wonderful possibilities for life.  I have this dream of doing a little of everything and having a little shop, where I sell all my random stuff.  My re-claimed furniture, painted and re-upholstered, re-painted frames with prints that I took and developed myself.  Blankets, coffee cozies, scarves and hats that I knitted or crocheted, little children’s clothes and blankets that I sewed, pots, mugs and bowls that I made, jam that I canned, pillows that I put together, pre-scrapbooked pages for you to put your own pictures in, recycled candles in old jars, and whatever else I can come up with!  I would absolutely love and adore for that to be my life, who knows, maybe someday it could be?

I went to Goodwill today to get a shirt for pottery.  I spent $7 on it, which was really lame, because $7 is kind of expensive for Goodwill, but it’s really cute 🙂  I looked around the rest of the store and had to exercise my will-power not to just snatch everything up.  I got to thinking, that this year, no one is going to get a “new” gift for birthdays or Christmas.  I don’t know if my friends and family will be as thrilled about this as I am, but they should be.  Not only will I be re-using and recycling (gotta work on that reducing part…), but I will be saving money AND being creative!  I hope my friends and family likes pots and pictures, because I will be making a lot of them this semester and hoping to give them as gifts when the time comes.  🙂

So anyway, I just needed to blog my excitement about it all.  Maybe I’ll write down a list of things I think are rad and want to make this year, give me something solid to look at when I’m looking for something to create.  🙂

and on another note.  It is AMAZINGLY sunny today and I drove the whole way home from lunch with Jake with windows down, sunroof back and music up (all while wearing a t-shirt)!  It is gorgeous out!  I better not get used to it though, its only February.


6 inches January 31, 2009

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I threw my first pot on Tuesday!  The goal of your first cylinder is to pull it up to 6 inches.  I reached 6 inches and then some!  It was exciting, but then my teacher yelled “curve breaker” in kind of a sing-songy way (slightly embarrassing).  Then he came over to me, had the whole class gather round and yell a warrior cry as he “initiated” me into the sisterhood of throwing warrior princesses by wiping clay on my face.  I was kind of shocked because I didn’t know this was going to happen, but at the same time felt really proud of myself for being the first one to get there. 🙂  One of my fears was to not be good at pottery at all, this really helped.  I’ve only thrown twice since then because I’ve been working on my hand built assignments.  I made a 10″ coil pot, it’s a cute little pitcher (decorative only).  It’s definitely not the prettiest thing ever, but it’s not ugly.  If no one else does, my mom will like it.  🙂  I now loooove throwing, especially after getting my clay centered all by myself a couple times.  I have yet to keep something I made, I always end up squashing them because they are not quite right.  I did think of a few things that I want to make for around the house, smaller things, so I’ll work on that for now 🙂


My Pottery Warrior Princess face paint

My Pottery Warrior Princess face paint