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March Meals March 2, 2009

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March 1 – 2: Burgers, fries and grilled veggies

March 3 – 5: crock pot chicken w/ onions, garlic and rosemary, mashed potatoes and salad

March 6 – 8: tacos with home-made salsa and chips

March 9 – 11: tomato-mozzarella casserole with caesar salad

March 12 – 15: pasta primavera with artisan bread

March 16 – 18: oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes and fruit salad

March 19: spinach and caramelized onion and bacon pizza with garden salad

March 20 – 23: home for spring break

March 24: Little Ceasars or left-overs

March 25 – 27: Grandma June’s

March 28: left overs for Jake, Riley Reunion for Michelle

March 29-31: crock-pot Mongolian beef with brown rice


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