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it’s the little things December 17, 2008

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so…I wrote this a while ago and just realized that it didn’t post, sad…here it is anway

Jake and I hang our loofas on the same hook in the shower.  A couple weeks after we got married we were showering and he said “I always make sure your loofa is on top, so that you never have to deal with taking mine off, taking yours off and then putting mine back on (the hook).”  Then I realized I really had always just been able to take off my loofa, it was never under his.  Not that taking off his loofa and putting it back on is any sort of hassle or would even bother me, but I just thought it was so sweet that he would think to do such a small thing for me.  I try to do the same for him, but I’m not as good at it as he is.

Small thing number two:  We had a guest staying at our house so we actually made our bed while she was there so it didn’t look so  bad.  I normally am anti-bed-making.  I don’t understand why you should make the bed if you’re just going to get in and mess it up again.  But I realized while our friend was staying with us how much I liked getting into a made bed.  I flippantly said “I think I really like getting into a made bed” one night.  I then realized a couple nights later that every night since I said that, the bed had been made.  Jake went into the room at some point after he got home from work and made the bed for me.

I have such a sweet husband, I feel so honored and blessed to be his wife.  I thank God for his little, special ways of showing me he loves me 😀


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